Our base and foundation is SIRESolidum. We take pride in delivering solidly in all aspects.

Crooze is our application which makes you run your business with ease. Crooze your business!


S = Scientia (Knowledge)
I = Intellegentia (Understanding)
R = Res (Business)
E = Experientia (Experience)
Solidum = Solid

Business Made Easy

Your business consists of one or more products and/or services. You may have different needs to either control or manage those products and services.

EZApps builds a Crooze-application making you able to handle your business with ease!

Clients or Employees

Most businesses are dependent on items sold and the efficiency of their employees. Crooze optimizes your business and allows you to handle it more effectively and securely.

Make it possible to easily control and manage your data. Expose and share only the needed with relevant parties.

Ease of Pain

EZApps has thought it through! Basic services have been designed to enhance the effectiveness of your business.

EZApps will configure your application with services!

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